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What is Club dVIN?

Club dVIN is the world’s premier global NFT wine club.

Who are Club dVIN members?

Wine lovers, collectors and wine investors who are curious about crypto, the blockchain and NFTs. Club dVIN is an opportunity to learn more about the world of wine and wine collecting in a space they are comfortable with, and have fun along the way.

Advisors & Community Members

Club dVIN’s founding membership includes winemakers, wine professionals, and wine collectors from around the world, with unparalleled access to the most rare wines and wine/gastronomy experiences on the planet.

  • Jane Anson, Bordeaux, Wine Writer
  • Rich Antoniello, New York, Wine Collector
  • Jared Clevenger, Napa Valley, Wine Professional
  • Desmond Echavarrie, California, Master Sommelier
  • Said El Yousfi, Bordeaux, Negociant
  • David Forer, Spain, Master of Wine
  • Jerusha Frost, New York, DipWSET
  • Philip Harden, UK, Master of Wine
  • Richard Hemming, Master of Wine, Singapore
  • Tom Hinde, California, Winemaker
  • Garth Hodgdon, Napa, Advanced Sommelier
  • John Jackson, Dallas, DipWSET
  • Michael Juergens, Mission Viejo, Master of Wine candidate
  • Lili Kocsis, Bordeaux
  • Anne Krebiehl, London & Germany, Master of Wine
  • Jana Kreilein, Germany, DipWSET
  • Valentina Litman, Spain, DipWSET
  • Michael Madrigale, Philadelphia, Sommelier
  • Francesca Martin, Singapore, DipWSET
  • Shashi Moorman, California, Winemaker
  • Rodolfo Neirotti, Boston, Master of Wine Candidate
  • Raj Parr, California, Winemaker
  • Simon Pavitt, London, Wine Collector & Investor
  • Dan Petroski, California, Winemaker
  • Angela Scott, London, Master of Wine candidate
  • MJ Towler, New York, Podcaster BWGE
  • Pauline Vicard, London, Master of Wine candidate
  • Peter Yeung, San Francisco, Master of Wine candidate


Behdad Shahsavari | Managing Director
• Led teams building blockchain solutions for authentication of physical products from luxury goods to sustainable agriculture
• Ran BCG Digital Ventures North America
• Board member and adviser, William Grant & Sons


Below are the three types of NFTs available through Club dVIN, each one a unique part of the expanded wine experience.

Club Membership Utility

Our Community
Club dVIN is the platform for the future of wine, built on our core values of curiosity, generosity and inclusivity. Thoughtful, authentic and knowledgeable, our community shares insights on and appreciation of fine wine. Members have access to exclusive, members-only virtual and in real life spaces to share information, connections and time together.

Digital Cork Utility

Every bottle purchased on the dVIN platform is attached to a Digital Cork, a special NFT that makes wine collecting and investing safer and more transparent, and makes special wine experiences more enjoyable, shareable and memorable.


A Digital Cork is an immutable and transparent record on the blockchain. The NFT serves as a proof of provenance for collectible bottles, and a chain of custody as those bottles are traded in the aftermarket. This transparency is a strong disincentive against fraud and counterfeiting, and provides buyers and sellers with confidence.

Equity & Fairness

At dVIN we believe that the producer of the wine should benefit the most from their art. Winemakers are hardworking and humble artists, and it is only through their industry and entrepreneurship that we are able to enjoy the amazing wines they create.

Tasting Token Utility

Collect 5 Tasting Token NFTs and get invited to a winemaker dinner, collect 10 and earn a visit to the winery for a vertical tasting. The ability for winemakers to use Tasting Tokens to build community around their most devoted consumers is limitless.

Tickets to Amazing Experiences

Tasting Tokens are more than just a way to share and retain your memories or flex to friends. Collecting Tasting Tokens shows your interest and your loyalty, and dVIN is committed to developing new and exciting ways to use them as your ticket to access, experiences and special offers — including collaborations with winemakers.

The Metaverse

Digital Corks and Tasting Tokens help augment your wine experiences in the Metaverse. Share your digital wine cellar with friends, organized and visualized exactly how you want it with Digital Corks. In the future, collectors or investors will have the ability to trade bottles from their collections — from inside their digital cellar.

To Your Future

Together, we are curious, generous, inclusive.
To the next 100 years.



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